Tips for healthy eating

In today’s busy world, finding tips for wholesome cooking might seem like a feat. However, carving out a space for healthy eating each day can be rewarding. That’s why we want to share some of our favorite tips for healthy eating.      Start with quality ingredients. The heart and soul of any dish lie… Continue reading Tips for healthy eating

Quality control at The Organic Snack Company

At The Organic Snack Company, we take pride in delivering not just snacks, but experiences made of quality, health, and taste. As a result, quality control serves as a cornerstone of our brand, ensuring that every bite you take embodies who we are. In this blog post, we’ll outline the importance of quality control in… Continue reading Quality control at The Organic Snack Company

Organic meets gluten-free

Organic food manufacturing, with its dedication to sustainable, clean eating, is welcoming a new member to its team: gluten-free foods. As more people embrace health-conscious diets, gluten-free products are gaining attention in the organic industry. So let’s dive into this blend of organic and gluten-free, and understand why it’s taking the food world by storm.… Continue reading Organic meets gluten-free

5 outdoor activities to experience this summer

Summer in Central Pennsylvania offers a range of outdoor activities that cater to all age groups and interests. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the warm sunshine, savor the beauty of nature, and engage in physical activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re a local resident or planning a visit to the region, here… Continue reading 5 outdoor activities to experience this summer

Exploring nutrient-rich diets and clean eating

Taking care of our bodies starts with the food we eat. In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of nutrient-rich diets and clean eating. We’ll uncover the amazing benefits they bring to our overall health and well-being. By understanding the importance of nursing out bodies from within, we can make smart choices about… Continue reading Exploring nutrient-rich diets and clean eating

The benefits of gardening

With the warm summer days finally here, it’s the perfect time to learn about the benefits of gardening. Caring for your own garden offers more than just beauty and an abundant harvest. Today, we’ll explore the remarkable benefits of growing a garden this summer and how it positively impacts your physical health, mental well-being, and… Continue reading The benefits of gardening

Positive impacts of farming

The health food industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years as more individuals seek nutritious and wholesome food choices. Behind the scenes, farming plays a crucial role in driving this industry forward. The following are some of the positive impacts of farming on the health food industry, and a deeper look into how agricultural… Continue reading Positive impacts of farming

The benefits of saving energy

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, conserving energy has become a game-changer. How we generate, distribute, and use energy directly impacts our planet’s health, as well as our everyday lives. Here are some benefits of saving energy that will not only make you feel better about your daily routine, but can also save you… Continue reading The benefits of saving energy

The power of clean labeling

When you walk down the aisles of a grocery store, you’re bombarded with a wide range of food products—each vying for your attention. As a consumer, it’s crucial to make informed choices about what you eat. That’s where clean labeling comes in. But why is this practice important? Let’s explore the significance of labels in… Continue reading The power of clean labeling

Kate’s Real Food Bars

What started in a kitchen in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has progressed into Good Housekeeping Magazine’s best rated granola bar of 2023. Kate’s Real Food Bars have come a long way from their humble beginnings, but one thing remains the same…their quality ingredients!     Delicious and nutritious Mark Thaler, the CEO of The Organic Snack… Continue reading Kate’s Real Food Bars