How organic energy bars can fuel your passion

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How organic energy bars can fuel your passion


As lovers of both nature and health, we’re passionate about providing the perfect fuel for your outdoor activities. Made with care in The Organic Snack Company manufacturing facility, Kate’s Real Food’s organic energy bars are more than snacks; they’re power-packed companions, ready to join you on every adventure. 



Your trail companion.

When you’re on a hike, Kate’s energy bars—with their blend of natural ingredients like oats, nuts, and seeds—provide a sustained release of energy. Compact and durable, they’re your ideal hiking partner, fueling your journey one step at a time. These bars withstand all weather conditions, making sure you’re never without a reliable source of nutrition.



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Pedal with power.

Whether you’re tackling rugged mountain trails or cruising along countryside paths, cycling demands endurance. When fatigue sets in, Kate’s organic energy bars are a tasty solution. Crafted for a perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein, they support muscle recovery and provide long-lasting energy. They fit snugly in your pocket or bike pack, ensuring you have the power to keep pedaling, even on those grueling uphills.



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The no-frills fuel.

In the world of camping, simplicity is key. When you’re miles away from your kitchen, Kate’s bars provide a convenient solution to satisfy your hunger. Ideal for a quick snack by the campfire or a fast breakfast before a hike, each of Kate’s bars is packed with wholesome ingredients that energize your day in the great outdoors. Their eco-friendly packaging resonates with every nature enthusiast’s desire to preserve the environment.



Keep paddling on.

Out on the water, where stopping isn’t always practical, our energy bars are invaluable. They’re compact, withstand the elements, and taste great—offering a quick energy boost for those long stretches of paddling. Whether you’re navigating challenging currents or enjoying a serene lake, Kate’s bars ensure you never run out of steam.



Elevate your climb.

For climbers who take on vertical challenges, every ounce of energy counts. Kate’s nutrient-dense bars are perfect for a quick refuel on a challenging ascent. Tucked into a climbing pack, they provide the energy surge needed to conquer new heights. A blend of nuts and seeds in the bars offers both quick energy and sustained fuel, crucial for those prolonged climbs.



The distance dynamo.

Runners, from marathon enthusiasts to casual joggers, require consistent energy. Kate’s bars, light yet satisfying, are perfect running companions. They help maintain energy levels, prevent fatigue, and are easy to consume on the move. The bars’ balance of ingredients ensures you have the stamina to reach your running goals, be it a personal best or a scenic trail run.


As you gear up for your next adventure, remember to pack some of Kate’s Real Food’s organic energy bars. From scaling mountains to serene kayak trips, our bars are there to fuel your activities, offering a tasty and healthy boost whenever you need it. Want to learn more about other snacks made by The Organic Snack Company? Check out our blog.

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