Crafting the perfect organic energy bar

Crafting the perfect organic energy bar


When crafting the perfect organic energy bar, every bite transports us on a flavor journey. If you’ve had the pleasure of tasting Kate’s Real Food’s organic energy bars, you’re familiar with the depth of our commitment to taste. Wondering about the secret behind Kate’s bars? Let’s uncover it step by step.





Nature as our cornerstone.

The heart and soul of Kate’s bars are derived from nature. Every ingredient is chosen with care, ensuring it’s organic and non-GMO. This approach to creating the perfect organic energy bar is not just about health. It’s about preserving the genuine, unaltered taste of each ingredient. For example, when you indulge in our Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar, the sweetness you love is sourced from organic honey. The result? A clean, rich flavor.


Mastering flavor combinations.

Flavor science is at the core of our process. We don’t merely mix ingredients; we create taste experiences. By blending the nutty undertones of almonds with the tart punch of cherries, or pairing the rich essence of cacao with the refreshing notes of mint, we ensure that every bar tells its own delicious story.

dark chocolate chips


Texture’s important role.

Beyond the flavor lies the experience of texture. It’s a combination of sensations— from the delightful crunch of seeds to the soft, inviting chewiness of dried fruits, right to the smoothness of creamy nut butters. Kate’s bars provide an exciting mix of textures, creating a great-tasting experience.

Feedback as our compass.

The path to creating the perfect organic energy bar is paved with feedback. As a result, our process involves taste tests conducted by Kate’s team and ours. This approach results in a wide range of insights, helping us fine-tune Kate’s bars to cater to our customers.



Combining classic and modern tastes.

While Kate’s Real Food bars are rooted in timeless ingredients like rich dark chocolate and succulent cherries, we also have an ear to the ground. This means we’re always aware of current food trends. By integrating modern favorites like cacao powder or the buttery goodness of macadamia, we keep our bars both classic and contemporary.

Crafting the perfect organic energy bar is an art and a science. This requires an understanding of ingredients, a passion for taste, and the patience to experiment until a product tastes just right. At our facility, every energy bar that comes out is a testament to this commitment to flavor. Interested in learning more about our production practices or the benefits of organic ingredients? Check out our blog.

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