How to start a running routine

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How to start a running routine


Learning to run can seem like a daunting task—but it does not have to be! There are plenty of ways to go about creating a running routine, depending on your goals. However, there are a few basic training steps that can set every beginner up for success.


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Why run?

To begin any exercise routine, you should start with a goal. People run for many different reasons—such as meditation, strength training, getting faster, and conquering distances. No matter which intention you have in mind, it is imperative to pick one. Your goals can also be more measurable—such as running a mile, 5K, or marathon. Remember that the “why?” will keep you motivated to complete your running routine.


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Establish a running routine

Secondly, start at a level where you are comfortable. You can even start with a fast-paced walk for any distance. From here, you can pinpoint at what level you begin to feel physically exhausted. This should be your starting distance for running.

Remember that, like anything else, learning to run takes time and dedication. With this in mind, consider developing a training schedule. Start with your initial distance and each week push yourself to add a more distance—or less time. This is called your progress parameter. You may not reach this parameter each week, or you may surpass it. Regardless, having a progress parameter will help you reach your goals. Other tips include allocating realistic amounts of time for training and building up stamina over a period of time.






Get technical

Once you have a starting distance, an end goal, and a progress parameter, you can focus on technicalities. Surprisingly, one of the most important technical pieces of running is breathing. Breathing helps runners keep their pace, focus, and even hit runners high. Normally people are told to breath in through their nose and out their mouth—but as long as you feel comfortable and fueled, any technique could be beneficial. Along with breathing, you should pay attention to the fluidity of your body. Make sure you bend your knees, swing your arms, and keep a proper posture with a slight tilt forward in order to get the most out of your run.

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Fuel yourself

Lastly, and the most important step, is to take care of your body! You should drink around six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. As well as fueling your body with the proper nutrients, it needs to complete your exercise routine. For example, consume carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, rice. Consuming protein—from chicken, beef, eggs, beans, and seafood—can build your muscles. Also, try to incorporate fruits and vegetables for proper antioxidants. Sleep is also an activity that supports your health. Try for approximately eight hours each night.

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