Green Eats: How Our Food Choices Affect the Planet

Green eats: How our food choices affect the planet

Making a commitment to healthy eating is crucial to ensure the sustainability of our planet. Every day, the food choices we make have an impact far beyond the table. Today, we will dive into how our daily food choices affect the world around us.

Buy Sustainably

It starts at the grocery store, where we choose the food to make for our meals or to snack on. Opt for products with minimal, recyclable packaging. Choose brands that value sustainability whenever possible. Additionally, consider the lifecycle of your chosen packaging. The production process also plays a part. Although it may not seem like it, every decision leads to preservation or degradation. 

While shopping for food, choose items that naturally have a lower impact. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are great examples. They require fewer resources to produce and package but still nourish our bodies. Making the shift to plant-based snacks and ingredients is an easy way to be more Earth-friendly in your daily life.

Farmers Market

Source Locally

There are great benefits to sourcing your food locally and seasonally. When you choose foods that are grown close to where you live, it helps cut down on the pollution caused by transportation emissions, as well as helping the local economy. Farmers markets offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, often at a lower price than the grocery store. They also tend to taste better, making it an easy choice to eat more responsibly. 

Eliminate Food Waste

Another key aspect of eco-friendly living is addressing food waste. About one-third of global food production goes to waste. This is a shocking statistic that demands our attention. You can help combat this in your own home. Do the best you can to eat leftovers, and use up all the food you buy. If you think you won’t be able to consume something, donate it to a neighbor that will put it to good use. You could also consider joining a local food-sharing group to help reduce this alarming level of waste.  

Invest In Reusable Items

You may remember the classic phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”. It is more important now than ever. Leave single-use plastic behind and invest in some reusable containers. Dishwasher-safe sandwich bags, tupperware, and water bottles are cost-friendly and available online or at most stores. Although these actions may seem small, they contribute to the overall well-being of the planet. 

reusable water bottle

Shop Small

Do your best to avoid heavily processed food. Many well-known brands have large factories that create a lot of carbon emissions. For snacks or other pre packaged foods, consider smaller companies. For example, Kate’s Real Food creates granola bars that are mindfully made and perfect for taking on the go. 

Eco-friendly eating is not just a personal choice; it is a collective responsibility towards the environment. Every conscious decision we make regarding our food brings us closer to environmental sustainability. Approach your dietary choices with a sense of purpose, and recognize the potential for positive change in each selection.

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